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Wellness Coaching                               


What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching helps empower people to reach their full potential in areas such as physical activity, nutrition, weight, stress management, and life satisfaction.  Wellness coaches help guide individuals in developing a personalized wellness vision by:

  • Asking you to take charge of your wellness future
  • Helping you to identify and develop your strengths
  • Guiding you as you take action on your personal wellness blueprint
  • Helping you set meaningful goals
  • Guiding you as you build competency and confidence along your wellness journey
  • Helping you to build a support team
  • Inspiring you to achieve greater heights and go beyond what you could accomplish alone

How do you know if Wellness Coaching is right for you?

  • Tired of the quick fixes that just leave you frustrated and want to now make lasting changes
  • Feel overwhelmed by the demands of life and want to find some balance
  • Feel "stuck" with respect to your health and wellness and want to move forward
  • Want to find more purpose in your life
  • Tired of the extreme diets and exercise programs
  • Need help maneuvering through the confusing information with respect to nutrition and fitness and finally find a plan that works for you
  • Want to learn how to increase your level of energy and zest for life