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Julie & Marty S. | Granby, CT

This husband and wife team has been working out at Envision Strength Fitness for 3 years. Minor back and shoulder issues and middle age crept up on us, and we decided it was time to fight back and get in shape. Our physical therapist recommended Envision Strength Fitness after we talked with her about our concerns with starting an exercise program at a gym without the supervision of a personal trainer to avoid injury.  We also looked at this decision from a cost-benefit perspective. A personal trainer may cost more, but would the results be better than a gym? YES! With any fitness program it comes down to working hard, working smart, and patience. The improvements weren’t overnight, but over time the benefits are evident in the way we look and feel. We are healthier, stronger, and have more vitality than we’ve had in years.  

Amanda B. | Canton, CT

Envision Strength Fitness has been an awesome place to work out. I have worked with a few different trainers before coming to Envision Strength, and I have found the training here to be top notch. I love how my fitness coach keeps the workouts moving. You are done before you know it because he keeps you moving along without a lot of down time. I like how the facility is large and there is a lot of space to move around. I also like the variety of exercises and equipment my trainer uses in a workout to keep things interesting and motivating.  They will push you, but in a very positive and encouraging way. I love finishing my workout feeling like I have worked my hardest and feeling stronger. I know I wouldn’t have the motivation or ability to do strength training on my own so I am grateful to be able to come to a place like Envision Strength where I can get the help I need to accomplish my fitness goals.

Todd P. | Avon, CT

Jason is an excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of recognizing your limits and pushing to hit them and keeping you motivated on those days when the tank might not be as full. I feel (and look) better now than I did in my twenties and it's not just about lifting weights or cardio. Jason looks at the whole picture of your exercise, nutrition and general mental health when working with you to set (and reach) your goals. That is a critical for your success and he keeps me on track in and outside of the gym.  

Mark G. | Avon, CT

I have worked out at Envision Strength Fitness for the past few years. During that time, I have lost approximately 50 lbs. For me losing weight is a struggle and gaining weight is easy, but with my trainer’s help, I have fixed my diet and work out on a regular basis. I have gained a lot more energy and can keep up with my children. Although I have more work to do and continue on my fitness journey, Envision Strength Fitness has provided me with the tools necessary to accomplish my fitness goals. Envision Strength Fitness has made me feel better, look better and will help me live a longer and healthier life.   

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