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Goals: Go BIG or Go Home


When setting your wellness goals, it’s important to dream BIG. Many "experts" will tell you to be realistic with your goals, but give me one example where true greatness was achieved by setting realistic goals. Would Neil Armstrong have ever gone to the moon if he set realistic goals? Would Martin Luther King, Jr. been the leader of the civil rights movement if he lowered the bar with respect to his goals?

I’m not saying you should make your goals so unrealistic that you set yourself up for frustration and failure, but what I am saying is…don’t sell yourself too short. You are capable of great achievements!!

As you brainstorm about your vision, I find it helpful to reverse engineer your outcome goal. If you begin with the end in mind, you will have a greater sense of what action steps you need to take in order to achieve the right end result. Dream about what you could achieve if you had unlimited resources, no restrictions and the world was your oyster. For example, you may desire to become a fitness role model in 3 years from now, but you are currently 100 pound overweight and have never picked up a weight heavier than a bowling ball. This desire seems unrealistic, but who cares…it’s a desire you have deep inside.

Now, begin to brainstorm what steps will be necessary for you to get to the end result. What needs to happen day to day…week to week…month to month for you to realize your goal of becoming a fitness role model. Here is where you will want to set reasonable, but meaningful goals as your take steps toward the grander vision you have for yourself.

As you begin to set the goals necessary to make it to the finish line, it’s very common that we try to go from the couch to running 20 miles a day or we say “I’m never going to eat ice cream ever again”. When you are making changes in your life, you set yourself up for failure if you set unreasonable action steps and expectations. On the flip side, if you don’t make your goals meaningful and challenging enough, you will soon get bored and go back to your default settings.

As you set your 3-month and weekly goals, I would like to ask yourself this simple question:


“How confident are you, on a scale from 1-10 (1=lowest confidence 10=highest confidence), that you can achieve your weekly goal?”

If your answer is any lower than a 7, on this scale, modify your goal or pick a new goal. If your confidence is too high for the goals you set each week, you may not be challenging yourself enough. The key to goal setting is to identifying meaningful goals that are a good balance between being a challenge, but not so difficult that you feel frustrated and fail to gain any momentum on your journey.

Success breeds success, so get some sold wins under your belt, with respect to your goals, and you will see your confidence build. With increased confidence you will be an unstoppable force!!