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(Part 2) Adventure is Out There!!


In my last post, I encouraged you to start living your life bravely despite your fears. My first challenge to you was to step out of your comfort zone in order to improve the relationships in your life.

How did you do?

I worked on this one too and to be honest with you... it was a struggle!! It was neither an easy or comfortable challenge. However, I discovered that the more I practiced it, the easier and less uncomfortable it became. I encourage you to keep working on this until it becomes second nature. It's awkward and clunky now, but trust will get easier.

Now on to our next challenge. Finding an adventure!!

For many of us, the most exciting thing we do all week is ride a sit down mower. Really?  I think we’ve lost our sense of adventure along the way and, in my opinion; this is killing us on the inside. Without a purpose greater than work or school, life becomes mundane and we end up searching for counterfeit adventures/pleasures to fill the void. Both men and women end up turning to unhealthy outlets to find the excitement that's missing in their lives. Our kids become addicted to video games in their own search for adventure.

Therefore, my challenge to you this week is to plan an adventure that you can take on your own or with a friend or family member.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to climb a big mountain or learn how to surf. Grab a friend and do it!! Try to schedule monthly adventures into your life and see what happens. My guess is that you will begin to enjoy each day a little more because you have an adventure to look forward to. Let’s face it, we only have the moment. The past is history and tomorrow is unknown, so start living today!!