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Envision Strength Fitness' Life Transformation Blog

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8:23 AM

Girl Scouts...Don't Let Their Cute Looks and Charm Fool You


I just want to let everyone know that I am ok after the assault. Mom and Dad…don’t worry I’m a little battered and bruised, but recovering. My biggest complaint is that my stomach is killing me. Not the rib area, but closer to the middle of my stomach.

Here’s what happened…I was studying upstairs yesterday when I heard voices coming from down near the kitchen area. Since I was supposed to be alone, I was getting a little bit worried, so I went down to investigate. As I entered the kitchen area, I think they hit me in the head because the details become a bit blurry at this point. Now...I like to pride myself, a bit, on being trained in Krav Maga (Israel self-defense), but there were just too many of them and I think I must of gotten taken from my back side.

When I came through, I was tied to a chair and all I could hear was some singing…something about…I will do my best to be honest and fair,
friendly and helpful,
considerate and caring,
courageous and strong, and
responsible for what I say and do…

I then noticed the terrible taste of chocolate, peanut butter and toasted coconut on my tongue. No matter how much I begged them to stop shoving those cookies down my throat, they would not listen. So much for being "helpful and caring and taking responsibility for what they say and do!"

I know this story seems far-fetched, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Like I said…my biggest complaint is that my stomach is killing me…not the rib area, but closer to the middle.